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1955 RM spindle/control arms photo


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Does anyone have a fairly high res image showing the front spindle and control arms? Preferably both sides as odd as that might sound.

Putting them back together last night two things struck me:

First, the two spindles have different numbers stamped on them, one with an A and the other with a B. They DO have very slight differences. I wasn't aware they were different.

Next, I am connecting up the lower control arm and have an alignment issue. I would like to compare with a fully assembled spindle and control arms.

Many thanks,


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Thanks for the reply.

I think your reply might actually have already partly helped me.

The two spindles are stamped GMB20B and GMB21A. I do see that one of them has a reverse thread...never noticed that.

I think my other issue pertains to the control arm pins. I will have access to a camera a little later but I am trying to get a view of the control arm pins, showing the bushes etc. I think my lower control arm has something welded to it that prevents part of the bushing from being stalled. I think the larger bush has been welded into the arm...?!

So, in summary...anything you have that shows the outer ends of the control arms, above and below the steering knuckle would be VERY helpful. I have a bad feeling about my lower arm.


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Many thanks for the photos mud. We had a hot one here and I had work to do elsewhere so I will get back to looking at the car tomorrow or Tuesday.

Not sure what my issue is. I will update later in the week.


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