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Packard distributor?


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Hello Restorer32

I just checked my Chiltons flat rate & tune up Manual the 1932 Light Eight 900 has a listing of the mfr's part number as 5028025 for the distributor assembly.

However in the ignition timing section for the 903 & 904 it says "Distributor stamped no. 5,031,262 spark occurs on the standard head at 9 degrees before TC, High compression head at 7 degress before TC, and low compression head at 14 degrees before TC. " That is the only reference to the number you have. The same info is listed for the 900 except it has the word "and up" after the number but doesn't state "stamped no."

I know it is as clear as mud but that is all I have available.

Fred D

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My 32 Packard 900 has a Northeast type 5033450 dual point distributor. It is my understanding that while they came with single point distributors in 1932, Packard would retrofit this dual point distributor in 33 if you wanted it. They also would retrofit a Stromberg EE2 downdraft carburetor, an improvement on the updraft Detroit Lubricator. My car also has that mod. This information is in the literature somewhere.


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