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  1. Try giving Jed Rappaport, the carmaven. He should be able to provide one. Had one at Hershey. Fred D
  2. When they are off and at the machine shot being brought to the correct or matching diameter is an excellent time to replace bearings and races. That is how I had mine done for a 1940-120. Good luck
  3. Try Jed Rapaport. The carmaven he has numerous Red Bugs and Parts, he also has a few Briggs & Stratton. Fred D
  4. One item overlooked is that when the drums are minus the powder coating, and turned down, all of the drums can be turned to the same safe diameter. which in reality they should be any way. Some powder coating also provides a great primer coat for painting, which can be touched up which difficult to touch up powder coating. good luck
  5. Wouldn't it be nice to put them out to the hobby for FREE? Then after a certain time, get ride of them. Now what you do need will cost more. LOL
  6. Oops Dave try this web page. www.auto-motives.com Jed's inventory changes all the time. I will also drop hima line and let him know about your request. Fred D.
  7. Hello Lynn Have Bil give Jed Rapoport a call if you google carmaven you can get his info. I have one but I am not ready to sell it yet. Fred D
  8. Try this one http://julrichpackard.com/ John is excellent to deal with. Good stuff good prices, good service. Fred D
  9. Hello cutlasguy Keep up the great job of taking pictures at local car shows. I know many of the hard working folks in the Scranton Region AACA. They do a great job on the show as they have for many many years. Although I haven't been able to attend the show lately they have put together a show where all vehicles are welcome and so are the folks who show them and also to those in attendance. Keep up the good work Scranton Region AACA
  10. Many years ago I took some parts to be painted in to a shop in SE. PA. I got charged for 8 hours work and he did nothing. Satisfaction Guaranteed. He told me he used the time to "chase the paint". He didn't even get me a paint code, but I did have to pay to get my parts back. I probably should have gone to a more reliable professional. LOL I must add that it wasn't any of the reputable restorers on this site or even a member of the organization.
  11. I have also tried different finishes. The John Deere paint so far is excellent. Using the rattle cans didn't quite give the results I was looking for, but when thinned and sprayed the product looks great. I also had the parts blasted then powdercoated, then painted. Powder coating is difficult to touch up. PM me if you would like to discuss my reasons for my particular procedure. Fred D
  12. MRCVS Where are you located? I have one if you are interested. PM me I am willing to talk Fred D
  13. I have for sale an owners manual for a 1960 Valiant. I am looking for $ 15.00 or best offer. I would like to sell ASAP. Shipping will be additional. Please PM me with reasonable offer. Thanks Fred D
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