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Brass headlights - which way do they open?


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I need to buy a mate to a brass headlight. The problem is, which one is the right and which is the left?

Was there a standard? I looked through several photos of brass cars and most of them have the brass headlights opening towards the radiator, not towards the fender.

I want to end up with a pair of headlights, not two of a kind.


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Typically, the hinge of the headlight door was away from the driver as he stood in front of the radiator to light the lamps. Therefore, the knob to secure the door was to the inside, closest to the radiator. I know some will claim that it doesn't matter, but my arrangement makes sense from a convenience stand point. the one you have in the photo, according to my theory, should be on the other side.


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I agree with Frank, knobs toward center so doors are easier to open and light the lamps. I do know of an owner that did change his to hinges toward the center so the door would not strike the fender tips ( cannot think he would have broken the lens or chipped the fender paint and then the knob might have hit the radiator core...no winning here) . Some makers of lamps however did not make a left and a right but rather both lamps are identical.

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