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Went junkin' with Lamar the other day. Had an awesome time. Spent the morning taking photos. Took a lunch break at a local meat and 3 and then got all good and dirty with some 60 year old grease, brake fluid and gasoline pulling parts with Lamar. Got some pretty cool photos. Some are just documentation, some are great reference for paintings, and I think some are great just stand alone photographs. I've attached a few for ya'll. I hope ya'll are having a Buick-ful weekend!










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Some cool effects on those pictures Will. Funny, I took pictures of the same things but mine are't near as good as yours. uhmmmm, must be my camera. NOT!!:)

thanks for sharing. AND thanks all the wrenchin help. You sure fit under a 53 Buick better than I do.!!!! :rolleyes::)

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Thanks for those great pictures! There are LOTS of memories in the vehicles (in their better days) in salvage yards . . . for many of us. Just can't replicate that patina on vehicles that didn't evolve that way!



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