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53 oval hood ornament decal


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I have vinyl decals which refurbish the plastic to near NOS appearance if anyone is interested. Cost a penny or two to have made, but they do the job. This center plastic piece is becoming pretty scarce, but if you have one that is all faded these decals are the answer. They are for '53 only.Bill<!-- google_ad_section_end -->


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Hi Bill-I'm restoring a 53 Roadmaster. Do these decals attach to the backside of the plastic or the front?


Martin Lum

Hi Marty,

They are applied to the front side. The backside of the insert is sort of corragated so they wouldn't stick too good. They are made of a pretty heavy durable vinyl tho' and I don't think there is much worry about them wearing out. The color is not quite as brillient as I would have liked, but I don't believe anyone will complain. They are cut precisely to fit the face side of the insert after the insert is removed from the oval bezel. I have told the first inquiry that they are $15 bucks each delivered.

I also have all three of the '53 hood and trunk emblems/ornaments available fully restored to show condition with new chrome if anyone is interested. Again, they won't be cheap, but.......


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