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  1. I made a new gasket for the cover on my transmission. When I removed the old gasket it looked like a sealant was applied between the cover and the gasket. it didn't appear as though any sealant was applied between the top of the transmission and the gasket. This cover was removed years ago when I took the transmission to be inspected. At that time I was replacing the clutch. How would this have been done at the factory? Has anyone ever replaced the gasket for the top cover on their manual transmission? Please share your experience with me if you have. I hope to get
  2. Thanks for the info Al. That certainly narrows my search. Now to find one. Pat
  3. I'm looking for a rear seat bottom for my 4dr Special. I gave a perfect one to the auto body shop that did the body and paint work on my car so that they could use it for placement when they were drilling holes for seat belt installation. Somehow when they moved from their old shop to their brand new state of the art facility it got thrown away. How that happens is beyond me. The owner of the shop apologized but the onus is on me to find another one. The seat bottom is probably common to other years and may also be the same as a Super. The rear seat in a 2dr Special may be
  4. Gentlemen, as I had already polished my body data plate as sweet as I could I went out to my garage to take a picture of the one on my parts car. I will concur with Al that the plates on my Specials were held on with screws not rivets. I don't remember a lick of paint on the plate on my grandfather's car and from what I can tell there is not a trace of paint or over spray on the plate on my parts car. Both of my cars came off the assembly line at the GM plant in Framingham, Massachusetts. Wouldn't think that both of these plates had been removed sometime in the past and had the paint remo
  5. Here are some pictures of my painted dash. The car is supposed to be delivered to my house tomorrow. The reassembly process will begin soon and continue over the next several months. If all goes according to plan I will be back on the road in 2018. Pat BCA #45771
  6. There's an expression you hear every once in a while that says: All's well that ends well. My body/paint shop took full responsibility for the mistake, if you could call it that, and told me they would make it right. Fortunately I have a parts car. The area behind the glove box door, what I would call the dash panel/glove box frame, was in pristine condition having never been exposed to sunlight in the car's 64 years. They took their paint scanning device to my house. In order to get a good scan the device needs a flat surface with and area of about two square inches. This allows the devic
  7. Just went to see my newly painted dash at the body shop and what a surprise I got. They painted the lower panel in the primer color of the back side of the glove box door. Really disappointed after giving them the DuPont Code number (202-55944) that Al (1953Mack) had provided me. The color is described as Light Grey or Petrel Gray Metallic. Said their supplier couldn't cross reference the code so they decided to match what I had given them. I gave them my original glove box door which I had already meticulously stripped the FACE paint from. What they matched was the base coat/primer on th
  8. Looking for the cover that conceals the lower hinge on the B pillar. Mine has significant rust. Could have one made but would like to avoid that route if possible. Also open to buying the right side if available. Mine is stamped on the face with the number 957. The right side is stamped 956. I've attached a picture for reference.
  9. The roof on my grandfather's 1953 Special was white. I'm not sure if it came from the factory like that but I want to have it repainted in the same shade. Can someone please confirm that the correct color for 1953 is 53-74 Majestic White. If there is a paint code number available for me to buy the correct color I'd appreciate having that also. The face of the dash around the gauges and the glove box door are a color that I can't identify. I think it is the same on all 53 Specials. Need to know this color and the code number too. Thanks in advance for your help which I'm confident will be s
  10. The body work on my Special has taken much longer than I anticipated but is finally coming down the home stretch. My 4 door should be in primer in a couple of weeks. The shop doing the work has asked if I could get some pictures of the rear door jam area, specifically the area where the bump for the rear wheel is. They're looking for the detail of where the seams of the rear fender and wheel bump meet. One of the shop workers was overly generous with the application of some plastic body filler in this area and they want to see what an unmolested jam (not sure if "jam" is the correct term) lo
  11. Gravel shields are bolted just behind the bumper on the corners of the rear fenders. Mine have significant rust with holes in some spots. Looking for both left and right shields. Hope someone might have a pair sitting on a shelf or still mounted on a parts car. Minor surface rust acceptable. Could possibly be interchangeable with other years and models. Attempted to attach pictures. With any luck it worked. Pat BCA #45771
  12. Joe, Your drawing was a great help! The hole for the rear rocker trim retainer is a blind hole. With the drawing you provided I was able to determine the general location of the hole for my 53 Special (41D). It also gave me the part numbers for the retainers and the specification for the screws that hold the trim on. That's makes life a lot easier. My sincere thanks to you and all of the other BCA members who go out of their way to help whenever a request for information is made. Pat
  13. The restoration of my grandfather's Buick is coming along. This forum has been very helpful with all of my previous queries. I have a couple more that I'm sure someone has the answer to. 1.) Is there a torque spec for the chassis bolts? 2.) Rocker Trim Clips are circular/concave discs. One of my rockers was replaced and had no Clip holes in it and the other was finished and primed blocking all holes. Is there a factory drawing that shows the hole locations? If not, can someone post a picture that shows the hole locations? Thank you in advance Buick nat
  14. Hello out there Buick nation. I purchased a new fuel line and want to install it while my body is off the frame. The clips were removed from the frame before it was sent out for sand blasting. Some things shouldn't be left to memory and the orientation of the 3 clips that go on top of the frame (2 on frame mounts) now escapes me. Do the clip openings face inwards or outwards? It may not make a difference but if this is documented anywhere I'd appreciate someone posting the correct placement of the clips. Thanks in advance. Patrick
  15. I just put new pins in my 53 41D. In order to have the maximum amount of alignment adjustment afterwards, I recommend that you center the knuckle support between the upper control arm before installing the pins. Once the knuckle support is centered begin turning the pin until it is dead center in the upper control arm. Eyeballing dead center is sufficient. I used a wooden wedge to center mine. If I had to do it again I would have made two simple wooden shims to keep the knuckle support centered while I was turning the pin in. The kit I used was NOS. A day after I did the install the
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