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  1. You all have missed your chance. This Buick is no longer for sale. Bill Madden
  2. I wouldn't buy anything from someone as dirty as that....specially since I know how dirty your mind is!
  3. Pretty rare item. I presume you are talking about the seat skirt.... Some advice.. you can always spray paint color you need. It is a vinyl spray paint in a can. I have seen them on eBay, but not too often. Put your need on this forum in Parts for sale or buy.
  4. Thanks Joe. Be glad to help with any advice. Bill
  5. I know my eye sight is bad, but that ain't taller. My threats must have scared you, huh Tim. BEAUTIFUL CAR and a beautiful restoration job!! Bill
  6. Almost makes me cry to review this and read the comments. I am proud of the end result, but I still can't believe I was largely responsible. I never want to take full credit though because I had so much help and was also lucky to pick the right people to do the 'heavy lifting', such as Bob Richter for media blasting and primer, Jack White, Jack White Restorations, for alignment, painting, etc., Howard McKee for all soft parts like top, interior, trunk, and Harold Jenkins' Harold's Automotive for engine and tranny rebuild. These people have become friends, but my personal friends such as Tim Brown, Dick Ponsi, and Dick Sweeney, and Brian Essam will always deserve being the ones who compensated for my becoming almost an invalid at the end. Love my Buick, and the people who made it possible!!!file:///Users/Owner/Desktop/DSC_0236.jpgfile:///Users/Owner/Desktop/DSC_0236.jpg
  7. I have a pair of PS hoses which are perfect and pretty much new, but are no where close to looking original. All fittings hook up perfectly but are of new design. One of them have the step-down feature as it should, Hoses are BRIGHT BLUE. I used them for about 25 miles. Shipping and price ? Bill Madden
  8. You do know I am Irish..... Bill
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