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Tilt Steering lower clamp assembly-'65 electra


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Hi all,

I'm changing my std. column to a tilt steering column and find that I cannot use my lower support assembly. My std. column had a pressed on clamp assembly and the tilt takes double bolt type. I'm also not sure how the shaft stays centered in column? The old std column used a bearing retainer/collar that will not interchange with the tilt column.

The tilt column already has the shifting lever attached and from the diagram, the bearing and seal are behind it. I've posted photos of both columns and the diagrams from the service manual.

Anyone have a spare one around they'd like to sell?

Not sure if other years are the same?

Any ideas how the column stays centered?






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Hi Gerry,

My service manual only shows one break down for the full size Buicks including Riv's. I'd be willing to take a shot of it working. Will send you a p.m.


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