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looking for info 1956 dodge postal truck

Guest new_to_mopar

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Guest new_to_mopar

i have searched the internet for information on this vehicle . i keep coming up with the same thing over and over .

sticker above winshield stating fageol twin coach " pony express "

model #C3-C6-95

Post Office #6-A-1101

Delivery Date 8/24/56

engine horse power at different rpm's and 95 inch wheel base etc...

what i am looking for is production numbers , original photo's if anyone has some , and basically anything i can find out. the more information the better .









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Guest Richie09

Very interesting vehicle and in nice shape for a project. I had no idea what I may contribute possibly but looking at the photos saw the Fageol label which is a very old truck make and has interested me in the past ( somehow morphed into the Peterbuilt make over the years). But Wikipedia does elaborate on the Twin-Coach, Kent, Ohio, with some references...maybe a good place to look for records of this vehicle. Hope this helps, Richie.

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Some info here Twin Coach - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia with a pic of a '53 postal van.

Mention of the Pony Express here Coachbult.com -Twin Coach

What a great looking historical piece. Too bad the USPO is losing billions every year and can not assemble a historical museum of their vehicles that could include this one. Instead they must have spent a billion by now advertising their "if it fits" boxes which we don't need to be reminded of!

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Sorry that I don't have any info, but I just had to say that I remember when the mail was delivered in those vehicles. I was born in 1953, and I'm sure those were still in use in the early 1960s, which seems to be when I started paying attention to how cars/trucks looked and identifying them. Good luck on your project. Well worth restoring and very cool.

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I found this thread and thought I'd update with a similar purchase. This is being sold as a 54 dodge postal van. It gets delivered to me today. Hopefully I can go over it and find some info out about it. The visor isn't original, the spare tire contraption isn't original either. It is a flat head 6 and borg warner auto. It is in running condition. I can't wait to get it here and really look over it!





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This probably won't be of any help to you, but I'm giving you a link to an Ebay seller who had one of these for sale recently. He's in Pine River, MN. I suppose that you could contact him through any of his many listings, but I doubt if he would be one to have a lot of info for you. I've heard of people finding tons of information from the Detroit Public Library's National Automotive History Collection. I understand that they have immense vehicle resources, but I've never needed to research any thing obsure before. I've included a link to that, as well. Good Luck!

1949 Dodge half ton panel...Golden Guernsey Milk Delivery Van!!! | eBay

National Automotive History Collection | Detroit Public Library

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Guest Dunn did do

I had one of these in 1969 -1971. The automatic tranny was from studebaker ( as I was told by aamco)

My rear door was corrugated as the cream colored truck in the thread. The windows in both trucks are not original.

Faegol was the body builder - on contract to post office - they got chassis and nose sheet metal from dodge.

My brake drums were turned out too thin and a large junkyard full of these trucks was found somewhere in north Carolina. ( in 1970!) will find photo and post soon. Good luck!

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Guest Colton_H

I found 2 references about the truck you're searching for, little to no details but there are 2 period photos in b/w. The first is in "Dodge Pickups" by Don Bunn & Tom Brownell. Note the different windshield configuration on this one. My best guess, it's most likely a prototype. Second best guess, it might be the 1955 model. It's definitely an early publicity photo because the truck doesn't have a vehicle number decal.

The second photo is from "Motorized Mail" by James H. Bruns. This one appears to be exactly the same as the one in your photos. Above the rear door is the vehicle number, 531990 in this case. There are no further details in either book. I hope these photos will be of some help. I had to shrink the scans to fit the page. PM me if you would like the original full size.



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