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63 Trunk floor


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I really should know better. The car is just about ready for the paint shop. I figured that I'd get the trunk floor cleaned up and painted before sending it, and found more rust than I counted on.

Anybody got a source for a good piece of floor? I need the right side, toward the front of the lower area.

OPG is marketing a complete floor in 4 sections, but I only need about 1/2 of the right side piece. I'll be calling them to see if they will sell me only one piece, but they don't show a listing or price for it on their website, which likely means no dice.

I emailed Larry Daisey already, any other information would be appreciated.


Joe Zimmerman

ROA 7930

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I got a set of those from Ken at Wheatbelt a couple of years ago. Unless he's acquired some other Rivs since then, I think I got the last set he had. Now for the bad news. The area you outlined is not just trunk floor. It's the top of a cup, the bottom of which bolts to the frame for that section of the body. The cup will fill with dirt and hold moisture then the rust works its way up from there. Take a look under the car and I think you'll see what I'm talking about.

If the cup itself still looks good from the bottom, that might be a fiberglass / almetal type repair rather than a remove and replace job. Eastwood makes a good rust encapulator that would probably prevent any further spread of what's already there.

If you're still wanting to R&R that section, your best bet is to look through the classifieds in the back of the Riview and look for some of the salvage yards from So. California or Arizona that advertise rust free parts.


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