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'The Quest' LeMans Corvette Documentary


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Last night I had the opportunity to see "The Quest," a documentary film about Chip Miller's #3 LeMans 1960 Corvette. If you haven't seen it yet it's great and I would encourage all our members to check it out. Besides the car's interesting story, the paths of father and son, Chip and Lance Miller and the parts past custodians of the Chevy played were so great to hear. I also learned a few things about LeMans, Briggs Cunningham and various drivers of the day.

The venue for this showing was an experience in itself. It was shown at the 83 year old Byrd Theater in Richmond, VA. The actual #3 car was parked on the sidewalk flanked by two other Corvettes. A nearby parking deck had a mini car show with Corvettes young and old and other special interest cars. A number of area car clubs were represented. General admission and VIP tickets were available. Lance Miller and producer Michael Brown greeted guests in the theater lobby.

Andy Fuhrman


Richmond Region AACA

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"The Quest" was shown for the first time in the restored, art-deco theater in Carlisle, PA- the Town where Chip and Bill Miller established Carlisle Events. It is an interesting and inspiring true story about Chip Miller's love for the Corvette and his decades long "quest" to find the LeMans car and restore it to its original race configuration. Of course, his early passing figures into the story, but his son (Lance) completes the Quest in his father's memory. If you love cars, the Quest will facinate; if you are a father or a son- it will inspire.

Copies can be purchased at: The Quest

Proceeds benefit the Chip Miller Foundation.

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