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2 hours ago, ADTS AutoTransport said:

Great pictures!  Your comments about Brokers has merit but that is not how I did business.  I think being a carrier for so many years and then becoming a broker I came in knowing what it took for a carrier to survive and I did my best to always get them the best rate possible.  The biggest problem for me was trying to compete with the scum brokers and when I wasn't doing that I was constantly defending my honor as a broker.  It is not an easy business to be in when 90 % of them suck.


As for the "you people" stuff - those are the "damn broker" type.  I was never one of those.  I always asked my carriers to tell me pick up and delivery dates.  If I thought they were cutting it too short I would always add a day to it to be on the safe side.  It has been very difficult to convince my customers that things have changed drastically with the electronic logs but they don't want to hear it.  I bid things medium high all the time.  Getting my customers to accept that was another story.   It hurt to give up after all these years but I have some serious health issues and stress is a huge trigger and this business is ALL stress if you give a damn about what you are doing.  

Where are you located? If I'm in the area, we can meet to have a cup of coffee and talk shop if you like. 


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