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64 SF conv't special request

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Need a favor from someone who has an extra 10-15 minutes: I'd like a picture and the measurements of the original jack handle/lug wrench on their '64 SF (or other full size).... I see a few different sizes thrown about at some local salvage yards and would like to get one that matches my missing original exactly (besides having the correct size socket). The neck comes off at different angles on some, and the socket ends are various lengths.

Any takers;) ?

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John, sorry to have been so long getting back to you. I looked in the 1974 parts book and here's what it says.

P/N 1238072, handle & wheel wrench, jack is used from 1941-74 on all Oldsmobiles except 1961-72 Cutlass and 1964-67 Jetstar 88 or Delmont 88 (which all had the small bolt circle and smaller lug nuts).

I expect full size Olds or Toronado thru 1976 will also work. Starting around 1977 is when you started seeing a lot of metric nuts and bolts, and I think those lug wrenches are painted blue. You may see the correct wrench painted black or gray.

I expect Buick used this same wrench. Some Pontiacs might, but as a rule they and Chevrolet used the smaller bolt pattern and lug nuts.

The jack itself OTOH is a different story. According to parts book, it is a one-year-only (along with most others from that time period).

Just for grins, when I'm out with the cars I'll compare the 64 lug wrench to my wagon's lug wrench. As the wagon also uses big bolt pattern it would not surprise me to find it uses this same lug wrench.

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Problem with looking in the parts book is that it shows the then-current replacement part, which could be different than the original. I would bet there were many variations from 1941-1974, but all functionally the same. Hold out for the picture!


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Got my picture! Thanks for all contributions. True about the p/n's...

I think these things are a dime a dozen at junk yards (until you go to buy one, of course); but while I'm at it I might as well get one that really does look like it came with the car to the trained eye...

After all, this is the AACA, right? ;>)

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