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Best Carter AFB Rebuilder?


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Anybody have a recommendation on the best guy within our group to rebuild a Carter AFB? I see Jack Wyse advertising in the Riview. He's the only one listed. I plan on giving my Carter one last try..with a real Riv/Carter expert before I switch from wrenches to dynamite. It's amazing...starting to think my AFB is haunted. Thx PRL

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Guest Rob J

Tom Telesco is probably about as good as you could get.

You can find him on the V8buick.com forum

He goes by the user name of telriv.

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When one is having difficulties, nothing is "simple"; but the Carter AFB may be the easiest of all four barrel carburetors to rebuild. And just as easy to troubleshoot. You are capable of doing this yourself, possibly with a little guidance.

But are you certain the carburetor is your problem? It is a proved fact that 93 percent of all "carburetor problems" turn out to be ignition.

What are your symptoms?


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