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Brass Head Lamps

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Lots of snow & cold here lately, have been tinkering on a set of head lamps.

They had been partially taken apart when I got them. The biggest problem was a hole in the back of one. It would be nice to replace that part,but not in my budget , so I decided to attempt a repair that might be acceptable. In place it isn't too noticeable.I did not use the screw shown in the photo,but cut & beveled a piece of sheet stock. I left it a bit high, filed & sanded to flush, then polished it out.

Can anyone tell me what make these are ? Also would the chimney and the door hardware have been attached with machine screws or riveted ? Thinking I would make up some machine screws to look like rivet heads if I need to .

To clean them ( 30 or so years of tarnish) I soaked them overnight in a solution of water ,vinegar and a dash of ammonia ,rinsed well the next morning ,and they polished up pretty nice .

Have not yet installed reflectors.







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Guest george morgan

how much do you want for them,and if you find out the make and model let me know, i have a 1919 truck and they look like the factory pic of what i need.thanks ,.george

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Still cold here . Zero this a.m.

A good time to work on the brass . I wouldn't call this a restoration ,but this tail lamp was in poor condition. It needed a new cover for the mounting block,and was dented in top & bottom. A few good dents in the bottom of the font. I was able to get the cover from Allen ,thanks to this forum. Worked out what I could of the dents,and got it soldered back together . Not perfect, but looks O.K.

Still need door with red lens.






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RSC did not have the threaded rivets in a number 6 .

Decided to make my own. The switch had broken on my little old jewler's lathe and I knew it would be slow, so I got an idea.

First I drilled several holes in a firebrick to hold a few screws at one time, filled the slots in the screw heads with silver solder. Next I chucked each one up in a cordless drill and shaped them on my 1" belt sander, then right to the polishing wheel.

It worked out slick, the lamps look much better I think.The silver solder is hard to detect even under a glass.

Now just a little more hand polishing , and a little more ,and ............on & on.






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