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Buick Riviera Finned Aluminum Valve Covers


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Last year I purchased a Re-pro set of valve covers and as I recalled the supplier also made the finned aluminum valley pan gasket and the spark plug covers to match ... can anyone let me know who has these as I have a friend that needs a set. Thanks Paul 559 431-1520 or pduran1860@comcast.net or post here.

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Found a set of OE ... thanks to all Paul (see edit history)
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There was a fellow named Randy Rymal who was selling these , but it has been some years back. I have heard he fell out of good graces with the Riviera boys.

Your only other option I know of is TA Performance. They sell one that looks close to the original, for $199 for a set.

There is a fellow also selling a set in this section, I have asked for pictures so I can see them before making a decision on whether to buy them. waiting to see on these. Saw them, and I will pass.

You can also try ebay, there is a guy on there who has a lot of the Nail head dress up parts , plus many new parts. BUICKRODDER is the ebay name

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I personally had several dealings with Randy. Both times were not good,:mad: Never again for me. Just trying to save someone else some grief. And I can speak from recent experience. Might try CARS or wait for a good O.E. set, they come up often.:)

Good luck.

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