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Looking for some info on this Hood Ornament


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This Hood Ornament was taken off of a Pierce Arrow about 50 years ago, but we dont know if its a real original ornament. I havent been able to find any others that look like it. It stands about 6.5 inches tall, and apears to be bronze. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.


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Guest Silverghost

Hood ornament mascots are still being faked and reproduced today in large numbers.

Many are "Antiqued" on distressed to make them look old and worn.

In the period there were litterally hundreds, if not thousands of aftermarket mascots you could buy.

Most were of very poor quality materials~~~

Some were made better than others !

The better bronze, brass & german silver mascots were sold in high-end jewelry & department stores etc.

The cheap pot metal diecast afermarket mascots were sold everywhere, auto parts stores 5 & dime stores etc.

Many were funny clowns and amusing figures.


Mascots were a popular thing for folks to steal in those days & still today ~

Ofen owners would remove their original & valuable mascots and use a reproduction mascot when pakin their car on the street !

, Very wealthy auto owners often had their own one-off custom mascots made by well known artists of the day.

These were cast using the lost wax casting method .

There are as many, or more, fake & modern & old period reproduction mascots being sold on internet auction sites today than real authentic mascots.

I have never seen this unusual archer style before~~~

He is posed in a very strange position with one leg foreward !

It is NOT genuine Pierce Arrow mascot !

I do like this unusual archer however !

I suspect it is an aftermarket period mascot or a modern outright fake made for the modern collector's market !

Experts have in fact been fooled into buying a reproduction; or outright fake .

When buying any mascot~~~


Do your homework~~~

There are several great books on car radiator & hood ornament mascots~~~

Every mascot collector needs to own a copy of these books !

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