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Car Covers?

Guest twoska

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Right now I have the car in a garage. However, it will be spending time in my driveway as I work on it. Does anyone have a suggestion on a high quality protective car cover?


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A KEY thing is the size of the cover vs the size of the vehicle under it. Sometimes, they look big enough and will only cover about 80% of the vehicle. I believe that Barney can get you some "dedicated vehicle" covers, which can be good.

IF the vehicle will be outside, although the bottom of the cover might have some elastic in it and the center of the bottom hem migt have reinforced holes for a cable lock mechanism, the cover can still be blown around by strong winds. Therefore, you might head over to WalMart (or similar) and get a set of ratcheting tie-downs with fabric webbing material and plastic-covered hooks. Place one just behind the rear wheels and one around the front of the vehicle. This will ensure the cover will stay put AND provide additional security for what's underneath. No need to really crank-down on the ratchet, just enough to be "firm" rather than "tight". Also, the tightness can vary with daily temperature changes, much less normal temperature variations, so you might need to check it periodically to make sure it's adjusted snug enough to cover the temperature variations. You can still use the cable lock if desired.

Also, don't forget to remove the radio antenna. If it's a covertible, be sure to put the top ". Might even get a smaller cover to put over the top and windshield area for additional reinforcement and protection from neighborhood pets.

Just some thoughts,


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Guest my3buicks

I have the California brand "Stormguard/stormweave" covers for both my cars. When indoors I keep a cotton "Beverly Hills" car cover on the cars first, with the stormguard over that. It really helps reduce any chance of garage type "incidents" and bumps. When I travel I always take the "Stormguards" with me as it gives you an instant garage when away from home. They really protect the car from bumps and bruises in parking lots. and if it rains, storms (hail) it gives your car the utmost protection. I cover my fifth wheel travel trailer with the same thing in the winter.

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I have been selling Covercraft brand covers for about 29 years.... I got started because I needed a cover and it got out of control from there.

For the uninformed... Covercraft is the worlds largest maker of car covers, they say they have close to 70,000 custom patterns. They make the covers for Beverly Hills (now out of business) and California Car Covers, Toyota, Honda, and all the other new car companies that offer "factory" covers. So skip the middle man and contact me.

Go to www.covercraft.com and look at the material offerings and contact me if you have questions. I can also provide fabric samples.

Covercraft also makes all of Harleys cycle covers plus they have 7 different pattern/sizes that fit most motorcycles...starting with a scooter size up to full dress.

(Barney@texas.net) is my email and I can get you a quote on line unless you have something that we need to make a new pattern.

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