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The way I see it is that a company like GM is like a living person, with ups and downs and triumphs and failures, just like you and me. GM has gone through hell and is on the way back right now.

Thing change. They always change, they must. GM is still here to write the next chapter.

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Don't forget that this is not the FIRST time that General Motors has been in the control of "others". As when Charles Nash and Walter P. Chrysler were working, at the desire of bankers of the time, to reconfigure parts of "that" General Motors to save it. Or the several times that Billy Durant lost and regained control of the General Motors which he created.

As for the investment "stock", the "Old GM" was necessary for various reasons, to separate things from the "New GM" which would live on into the future. Purely a financial situation rather than "Old GM" closing and being completely liquidated, ending corporate life completely.

One thing which MUST be remembered is that many of the current "new" products were already in the pipeline, getting ready to happen, when the "New GM" came along. This means that the products that are reviving GM were actually "Old GM" products. There might have been a few products which were additionally tweaked, but the basic platform was already in place. Products generated by the "New GM" will not be seen for another 18+ months or so, I suspect. I also seem to recall that when the Automotive Task Force operatives actually looked at the then-new GM products, they were surprised and some reports had them having to be "pried" out of the Cadillacs--as if they hadn't looked at a GM car in a LONG time.

I also seem to recall that they were surprised at how strong the GMC and BUICK brands are, with customers. Kind of killed the popular notion that GMC and Chevrolet trucks should be merged--a notion that some seem to propogate as they have little knowledge of marketing dynamics. Be that as it may.

So, I concur that "Current GM" is just an extension of what we've known for many decades and was FOUNDED with the BUICK BRAND of vehicles! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GENERAL MOTORS!

Just some thoughts,


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