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Atlanta to Austin-Empty trailer


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Will be heading southwest from Athens/Atlanta GA to Austin/Fredericksburg TX around mid October. Can haul in pick up or trailer. Just looking for help with expenses. Can take I-20 through B'ham, Jackson, Shreveport or I-10 through Montgomery, New Orleans, Houston. Prefer not to get too far off interstate. :)

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I have no idea what you're talkin about Mike....

Next joke...

"Hon" says the wife, "why are we taking the trailer to the car show, I thought it was just a show"

"Oh it is sugar" says the husband, "the truck just rides better with a load. Plus (enter a name yet to be determined) from the AACA forum needs a car delivered so I thought we'd help them out"

"You're so thoughtful dear, I was afraid you may have bought something" says the wife.

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