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Hydraulic Bumper Jack Identity


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Hey, Guys....consider the possibility that this might NOT be an automobile jack. That swivel base makes me think that. Could have been used in a horizontal position (to achieve a pushing movement) in auto body repair, building construction, house moving, or heavy wooden boat work. Just thinking out loud! Best, John

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Guest Jaxonpat

I bought this at a Garage Sale last week. It is the hydraulic portion of a Cider Press. You are correct Jolly John. Anyways, i took it apart, powder coated it and I am having a hard time figuring out how the top portion goes back together. Anyone have any idea how this jack works? Guy told me that the hydraulic fluid was leaking which was why I took it apart in the first place. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Guest INEagles

In 1963 I bought my grandfathers 1938 Buick and that was the bumper jack that came with the car.  

Grandfather bought it new & I bought it from him.  Sad to say it got back burnered for to many years.  It is now totally restored and ready to show. Car has been in family since came off the lot. I actually came home from hospital in it in 1942. It is a cradle to the grave car. 

When you use it, it is butted up against the closest bumper guard for stability.  This one still works but I carry a small bottle jack. 

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I take it that the hook for the bumper rides up and down on the tube and has a safety clamp.  BUT where is the piston?  I see the pump and the reservoir on top.  Is there a slot in the tube that connects the hook to the piston?  Is it a short stroke?  I'm not envisioning anything else but short.

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