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Plexiglass thingie behind the seats


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Guest steveskyhawk

This 90 convertible has a custom made wind deflector. It looked very nice to me. It is also equipped with a CRT. I drove it and it works great.


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I bought one of the Lexan windscreens several (probably 6 years) years ago and it really didn't do much at all (think it was the Windblocker) so I returned it. I bought some lexan and supposedly improved on its design/size, (made it wider and a little taller) but it was useless as well because it would not stay in position - the shield/lexan kept slipping down(the "attaching mechanism" were straps that mounted the lexan to the head rests without damaging or putting any holes in anything). Another problem area with the Windblocker was that there needed to be something to block air turbulence through the center or between the seats. The guy who fabricated the Windblocker was supposedly going to do the modifications to the Windblocker but I never heard any more from him. If Our Forum Fabricators would design and manufacture a successful one it could be a lucrative proposition I would think - I would certainly pay several hundred for one that really worked, and materials do not mount to much - in quanity probably 20-30.00.

The picture of the screen in the black 90 above by Steve looks very nice and professional

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Guest steveskyhawk

It was a 90 with an 89 dash. Worked well and CRT was visible in the San Diego sun with the top down. If I had bought the car i would have changed the steering wheel to the non air bag early style. It had original door panels so the car ended up with 2 sets of window and mirror switches which would have been changed also. Otherwise it was an excellent job. The owner had multiple Reattas. He was a "make it so" and spare no expense type of guy.

This is all the pictures I took. I understand the car has a nice new home. Lucky guy.




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