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Can anybody identify this please.


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Guest Grant Magrath

Hi Rooster.

I speak "strine"! I knew what you meant! I shouldn't help you since the Western Force beat the Crusaders, but you may have to google Hudson, Nash, and anyone else who made an eary straight 8 to see if it matches what you've got.



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Oops, yes you're right Pete. It is an exhaust manifold.

It's definately Buick , got the casting emblem there as well as the numbers.

I thought it might be early 30s because of the Marvel heat control set-up ?

Sorry Grant , don't follow the rugby game so you can help as much as you like. :D

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1933 Buick went to the 3 piece exhaust manifold. 1931 & 1932 had single piece manifolds with exhaust exiting at the front not center. I'm not familiar with years past 33. There are 3 different sizes used 50, 60 and 80-90. There should be part numbers on the manifolds, Not the marvel heat riser, that can I. D. size and year from the master parts catalogs. Marvel parts have very mixed up part numbers that are hard to use for ID.

Bob Engle

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