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1990 tc problems


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I have a 1990 TC v6

this car would drive very well and than it dies on me...usually when I'm @ a red light but some time when I'm driving.

I change the dist.cap ,rotar, wires and coil...and still does this.

when it dies I'll crank the engine and nothing.

after 15 or minutes or so it will start again and drive for a while, could be 10 or 30 minutes and it will do it again.

I have no idea of could cause this.

HELP please.


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the funny thing is that I never had this kind of problem before, and is my 7th TC.

I'm going to change the fuel filter today.


And where is it located?

I have one other TC ( 91) that I can swap parts until if find the problem.

Thank you

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pick up ah?

so it cut the ignition on and off?

i'll take out the other TC and give it a shot.

I hope it is not to difficult to swap.

thank you

Rarely is there a problem with the distributor on a 3.0L

I would suggest checking it out on some sort of diagnostic tester. This should give you some clue if it is electrical. If it is fuel related, it will not show on the tester.

From my experience with the sort of symptoms you have, I would suspect the fuel pump.

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problem solved!!!

they put it on the tester and came up with the code 101 ( i think)

it was a bad crank sensor inside the dist.( pickup?)( like GOSTYMOSTY mention.

the part alone was $125 from checker, but the whole distributor ( rebuild) was only $ 110, about that.

runs like a dream ( for now)

thank you all


anybody has the # of Karleen at the club ,she sells the headlight protectors .

thank you again


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