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  1. I recently went to an auto trim business, got a quote to sew a few inches in the back of a hartz black soft top, other wise in great shape. Of course i haven't had it up in 10 years. Just $800 dollars. I'm waiting.
  2. Maybe will help. Mine was converted long ago
  3. can someone remove this topreleasein1 post. Its for a flower design, not a car top.
  4. Hi shelbyone. Wow you worked on your car 20 days straight. Could you mention what you worked on and would you be willing to pass on some of that knowledge? I just drove my 89 900 miles, smooth as silk.
  5. Some where I saw a list of all the lift supports for a Chrysler TC. I have an early build and a later 90. Can someone please list what to look for. Or tell me where this list is? Any names to steer away from? Thanks Mr Wild Bill
  6. Where did you get your hood? I could use a good black one. Not many parts Cars in Colorado.
  7. I just opened this one. I was wondering if you had your pull down assembly installed?
  8. Don't have a 16v, but this is picture of my 90 v6 where push rod goes to.
  9. It's better to start your own post, and not put your question on something unrelated. For parts there are TCParts.com, Arizonaparts.com. Also put on your own post not this one the parts you want, many people have some car parts. Also more car info like engine, car color, last numbers of vin. And last welcome.
  10. Hi TC KER, I am no car repair guy, but wonder if a low ac charge would cause this?
  11. Welcome Jaah. The tools I use most are this forum, anything Hemi says, and newsletters from the TC America club.
  12. Door Armrest padding needed because it corners on a dime.
  13. This pink one 5319 is not on the vin list
  14. Pictures by air cleaner. The small line by the silver air cleaner clamp goes up to the driver side on top of the throttle body.
  15. Looks like your lines are different. This is my 89 2.2. Your air cleaner line on mine goes to bottom of the 2 lines at bottom of picture.
  16. Its actually for a 1990. Did not know those were 2 pieces, a single piece for the outside edge. I could see on my 89 it was combined. Does anyone have the single black piece that goes on the outside edge laying around, or the part number or a similar replacement idea? I wish this info was readily available somewhere.
  17. Can someone send me pictures of the 1990 rear hard top rubber seal. I think it is one piece about 8 feet, 8 inches long. It has 2 functions, a 7/8" round piece (major seal) and another rubber part that goes up on the rear hard top edge that seals and you can see when looking at the rear of the hard top and actually sits against the car when the hard top is on. I use to think there is one small rubber?plastic? piece, u shaped or L shaped i don't know, that just went up on the outer edge of the bottom of the rear of the hard top. Pictures off the car would be best. Thanks TC world. Wild Bill
  18. Where are you located? Others might want to get together. And okay, other cars? Like what?
  19. Welcome to the group. very nice looking car. wish i had it. I'm not much of the mechanic type but follow instructions pretty well. Also an engineer type. 1. You want to replace the high pressure fuel lines under the hood. Be sure its high pressure fuel line. This is a fire danger, don't want that. 2. There are posts on here to fix the port hole window. 3. join the Chrysler TC club and start getting the valuable newsletters. https://www.chryslertcbymaseraticlub.com/ If I were you I would get all the back issues also. 4. Add your vin to Garnet & Gold. He keeps vin list CHRYSLER'S TC by MASERATI database of known VIN's 5. Need to condition the leather, especially the seats. One of the best for our cars is http://leatherique.com/ I would start with 16 or 32 oz bottle of both rejuvenator oil and pristene clean. I use 2 to 3 ozs per seat several times per year. Also works on all leather inside the car. 6. If you don't have them, try to get head light covers if available. Headlights will cost an arm and a leg. 7. If original tires, might want to replace. 8. The original ABS accumulator bulb (black) has the label/writing on the top. If older than 10 years would be good to replace. 9. Best to flush the brakes every few years to keep any water out. Like I do that. 10. There are many 16v pros on here. This forum is great. Knowledgable people willing to help. Not like other car forums I look at, enough said. Time for bed working 11 hours again tomorrow. Bill
  20. The trans computer is eluding me. Please give page in manual to find it. Soft top right front lever doesnt work. I remember a tip on how to open door. outside and inside handle do nothing.
  21. windshield has about a foot long crack in it. other glass looks good even soft top glass. Soft top itself not in good shape, frame okay. It did have a CD player. Pulled a bunch of parts.
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