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  1. Welcome to the club Plumbinguy. Please give info on car, colors, last 4 of vin number.
  2. The white looks like a sharp tc, the triple black on Ebay is awesome. Pull the trigger and offer 12k. Now a triple black 5 speed or a red is my top one.
  3. Great article in the June 2019 TC America newsletter by Bob French. You'll need 3 of the closed cap dorman 49440 and 1 not capped dorman 49439. I got mine at the local auto zone in Aurora CO. It's like hot dogs and buns, they are sold in 2's, so 1.5 package of one and half a package of the other. Lesson learned. Dont let the wife turn on wipers when frozen down.
  4. Garnet and Gold, could you post a picture showing the straps on the hard top?
  5. Any ideas on fixing this. Looked around didn't see the pin that goes in the fan motor shaft to keep the radiator fan turning. Thanks for your ideas.
  6. Congrats and thanks for sharing. I'm going to the Denver Automezzi today, Italian car show. My TC got 2nd for Maseratis in 2006 when I entered. If anyone else is going let me know. Nile, if I ever get out your way I'll look you up.
  7. You can also get all the back issues of the TC America newsletters. Fun to read about the cars and each issue has handy repairs and car care tips.
  8. I've used the Firestone at Arapahoe and Parker Road for 15 years, 89 2.2 turbo and 90 6 cylinder. Not a cheap place but who is. They can message me if they want.
  9. I need the same thing for my 1990.
  10. I'll take 2 without the stamp when you have them. Glad your back.
  11. For vin 200233. Please add bordeaux black. (Interior and soft top).
  12. Good question, going by wire colors for radiator fan relay, i got the right one. I'll message tommorow, thanks. Jacked up front end and checked light green wire from fan pigtail to relay as best i could. Looked fine. Car still getting too hot.
  13. Put on new rock auto square black radiator fan relay, still fan not coming on. I will check wiring again. Hard to see it all.
  14. Thanks ghostymosty and hemi, part ordered. Be cool.
  15. Don't think my blue or red manuals are missing pages. In red 90, 91 manual electric fan motor test procedure is on page 7-24 Cooling System. The radiator fan relay wiring diagram is on page 8W-63 (relay is middle of right side of page). FYI the on board check engine light diagnostic test gave me a 3-55. it should be 35-55. tested it 3 times always 3, long pause, 5, short pause, 5. Step 5 of procedure to test says with ignition switch in on position, test for battery voltage at single pin connector at the fan relay. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? (caps just for attention), this is also needed for steps 6a and 6b. Does it mean this next sentence? Tested wires going in the relay no voltage at metal tip of wires (while all wires on the relay). If I could reach them, not sure on all the wires. Took cover off relay, 2 female ports had 12 volts. Pulled off 60 way connector. Went to step 7, with ignition in run, tested blue wire C27, it had 12 volts, says replace relay. So I think I need new relay, Don't see at rock auto for 89, or 90 TC. Don't see a Daytona listed at all.
  16. Another reason the radiator fan won't turn. On my 90 3.0 liter the radiator fan fits into a metal pin that goes thru the fan motor shaft and then a hard to remove clip, for a good reason i guess, holds the fan on the pin and shaft. I had the pin come out of the shaft, but it was still laying on the frame. Now i need help. Radiator fan motor works, tested with 12 volt source. (speaker wires to car battery). No power to radiator fan plug, looks like. I've scoured manual, fan relay looks ok, not sure witch one it is tho. Where to from here? Would like to drive without a dedicated switch for the fan.
  17. Thanks so much. I'll do external fuse holder circuit next week. Accumilator was replaced in Reno national way back when.
  18. Thats it. Rear 30 amp fuse blown one leg missing and had a little melt down. Even small melted hole threw side of box.
  19. While driving down the road at 65 mph or so, noticed hard brake when exiting. Meaning long time to slow down. Was ready to drag my foot. Stayed that way also til home. Brake fluid level is okay. Brake pedal is hard, seems a little lower than usual, and pumping 20 times or so has no change at all. New accumulator is maybe 10 years old. Also noticed red manual has a symptom chart on page 5-11 that the blue manual does not have at all. I'm thinking accumulator or pressue switch (like I know what that is). Also the abs and brake light are on all the time. Thanks for your help and how I might fix this.