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1939 measurement


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Can someone with a series 40 sedan do me a favour please. I would like to know the measurement across the width of the front cowl where the vertical section of the hood sits ( just where the hood belt line chrome trim sits )

Also need from bottom of front door to top of roof.

Thanks. Ken.

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Holden or Fisher body?
Good question Grant. Holden body is what I'm primarily after, but Fisher measurements also would be handy, even to just compare differences.
Are 95% certain both Holden or Fisher will be same.

I think Fisher front sheet metal and rear fenders/guards was used on Holden.

Hopeflly Danny (Holden) & Grant (fisher) should be able to measure

Image below is a 1939 RHD Holden Buick series 41


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I think the seller was on drugs with the first listed price :confused: then when he came to, changed it to the current price. Still too much money. I tried to convince one of our members to make a more "balanced" offer and go out and strip it of all valuable parts. But he seems not interested in doing that.

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