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As far as I recall, there were 2 sizes of the center lock; 1-5/8 and 1-3/4 I think.

That appears to be the larger.

Problem is that the iron housing is specific to the car, or so it seems, by how many different ones that are out there.

As of a year ago there was an estate selling off some of those Oakes with different styles of housings. I will try to find it in the AM if nobody else gives you a lead.

Here is a different brand name lock I have available:


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I have a rusty Fulton that looks similar, and as far as I can tell works in the same manner. The

cylinder looks saveable and has tghe embossed Fulton flap if you, or any others, might be interested. I see a ringer to it in Moline's Model A Ford Accessories book. email please to

prs519@hotmail.com. Probably just a rare wallhanger twenty five bucks takes it.

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