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1912 Metz Sichel Trust Auction


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I have been meaning to post this for a while.

The collection of Mr. Sichel is going up for auction after his passing. In this collection is a 1912 Metz car. The car was featured at the Saratoga Auto Museum last year in a display called "All that Glitters" for brass era cars. Very nice car, blue with a white interior and "mother in law seat". I will try to post a picture of the car. For more info click on this link.





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Great car! There are quite a few nice ones in that collection - do you know when & where the auction will be held?

I believe that contact for the auction was through email and they were looking for bids through January. You should be able to email the family directly for more info if you follow the info link about mid-page when you click

The Sichel Trust Collection

I have not put in a bid on any of the cars or kept up with this process, so I don't know where things stand at this point.

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