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Dear Mr. Herold. I have a hammer-on hubcap that comes close to looking like this Buick Regal wheel you're after. However, the center area on my hubcap is metallic green or brown (I forget which right now). There are very few dents in this hubcap I have....relatively speaking. When you find out what you have to pay to get one of these cheesy wheels, please contact me. I will sell you my hubcap for half that price. I should mention that my hubcap is a 12" model.....very rare, you know. I'm sure an experienced old geezer like you can figure out a way to make this special hubcap of mine work on your Regal. Perhaps if you just kept turning this hubcap counterclockwise, it would tighten up and be fine. You might not have to use all that many sheet metal screws (I recommend stainless steel) to hold this gem on. Remember, I'm here to assist you in any way I can, as is hopefully evidenced by this helpful post. Regards, Jolly-John

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Cliff, Talked to a friend of mine that has a couple of Riv's and he said that he was looking for these wheels for his Riv in salvage yards and has never seen one. His only suggestion is to put up a saved search on ebay and he sees if one show up. He said that he sees one show up about once every two years..... unless you are lucky. Good luck.

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