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Hot Rod Lincoln V12

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I am posting a few pictures of my newly done 6 years project 1932 Hot Rod Lincoln. I use a 1948 Lincoln engine which had better water passages and better crankshaft. A 1939 Lincoln Zephyr transmission with a 1948 Ford truck rear end 1958 Buick front drums with 1947 Lincoln rear backing plates. I made the shifter with a 1965 Pontiac tire iron and use a 1936 Lincoln Zephyr rear trunk handle for the shift knob.



Doctor Detail









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Frenchy and any other person who may have the dual two-barrel carburetor set up.

Where did you get the carburetor linkage? I have a new Endelbrock dual two-barrel manifold and got a great deal on a pair of new Stromberg 97 carbs that I will be installing on my V12.

I bet that engine of yours sounds sweet but a bit loud or? Harry

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Charlie Ryan, the writer of the song, would be envious. Ryan actually had a Hot Rod Lincoln. His was a red Model A Coupe with rumble seat. He was known to show up at the annual Route 66 Fun Run in Arizona with his Hot Rod Lincoln before his death.

I believe the Red Model A in this video may be Charley's Hot Rod Lincoln. The version of the song was one of many variations recorded by Ryan and the same version that was later recorded in 1972 Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen


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I met Charlie Ryan over 10 years ago or so at the World of Wheels here in Phoenix nice person to talk to.


That would have been about the same year I saw him in Kingman during the Fun Run. As you will recall he was no spring chicken then. Yes, he was truly a nice guy.

I have to say I'm envious of you being close enough to take in the Route 66 Fun Run every year. 1,200 miles from here more or less, making it not something to do without a bit of advance planing. To me the Route 66 Fun Run is one of the best car events on the planet. The perfect event for a Hot Rod Lincoln. But then I'm a huge nostalgia buff with remembrances of Route 66 before I-40. It makes me a bit sad to see the rapidly vanishing remains of all the motels, restaurants, and gas stops particularly in New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, and California. That stretch of Route 66 between Saligman and Topock is about the nearest representation of the way things were 50 odd years ago along the two lane highways. Unfortunately things do become obsolete and impractical business wise.

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Hi Frenchy;

This has to be the nicest hot rod around. Love the little details and the execution of all those little details, while still staying true to the big picture.

Question though, where is the overdrive? If it is there I don't see it. Can a later Lincoln overdrive be adapted to the Ford floor shifter transmission? A Columbia rear end would also get there.

My stock 36 Ford phaeton has a Borg-Warner overdrive modified right into the middle of the torque tube. Works great and saves a lot of revolutions and engine whine at driving speed. A guy builds them in Ohio.

Well, just a query, I think your car is great. Enjoy it. Jim43

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Thanks Jim

The Hot Rod was a six year project taking my time as well no rush doing this one. I will have the car on display at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona Calif in January the 27 until the 29 this is the best show in Calif. Hope to meet a lot of people from the V12 club. Forgot I do not have the overdrive on this one only the 1939 Zephyr 3 speed.



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