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AutoZone bookstore gathering

Barry Wolk

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Dusted off the bathtub and headed for Birmingham, Mi for the AutoZone bookstore version of Cars and Coffee.


Nice Jaguar.


Recent barn find.


Stuffed myself into a friend's Vantage.



Near perfect Pinto. Never thought I'd put those words together.


I could put one of these on each foot.


Other fun stuff:




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I was there during the big blackout when some guys from out of town were sucking gas from cars in the neighborhoods around Woodward Avenue. We had to park with our gas filler on the car up against the house. Then they poked a hole in the gas tank.

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This one?


Our generator ran for 5 days straight. We got nowhere near Woodward that year.

It has turned into such a gigantic show that it's oppressive to anyone that gets near it. Last time we cruised they let ice cream trucks sell to the crowds. Every time the ice cream truck stopped, the cruise stopped.:mad:

Diesel tour busses spewing their dirt onto all the open cars, just so the throngs can live vicariously through people with real cars. The SUVs ruined everything as you can't see over them or around them. Those people should stay home.:mad:

The burnouts. Don't get me started on the burnouts. :mad::mad::mad:

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Yep...the burnouts. Here last year there was a fool who let his bigger fool of a friend drive his 440 6-pak 'Cuda in the cruise. Guess who decided it was a cool time to do a burnout. Guess who rear ended a nicely restored early 50's Chevy. Guess who pushed that Chevy into a building injuring people...the fool driving the 'Cuda. That's why there are dragstrips doing for that stuff.

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