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1956 Buick Super Convertible FS $500

Guest BJM

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Guest imported_Thriller

According to the <span style="font-style: italic">Standard Catalog of Buick</span>, the Century is style # 56-4667X while the Super is 56-4567 - there is definitely an X there so if the book is right, it is a Century.

The price is reasonable, but it would be frustrating to buy someone's parts car when they have taken some of the parts that are made of unobtainium. Of course, if those parts can be found, it's a different story.

Why would someone remove the VIN and body tags from a parts car anyway?

<span style="font-style: italic">Edit</span> - Never mind...the VIN shows it to be a Super - the leading 5, then C = 1956.

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I talked for about 15 minutes with the seller today. Very interesting story. He lives in California and restores and mildy customizes some 50's convertibles.

He bought this 56 Super convertible for the rare and functional convertible only parts for $4000. He checked on the price to bring it back to California from southwest Iowa and found out it was cheaper to buy a 1994 Ford F150 off CraigsList, fly into Omaha airport and pick up the F150, drive down to Shenandoah Iowa and part out what he needs to take back to California.

He is restoring a 1955 Cadillac deVille Convertible. He has been looking for two years for the convertible top parts. He is aware that he can part this car out and make a lot of money back but wanted what is left to go to a motivated Buick collector.

But he freely admitted it's a parts car. The floors are gone, parts of the interior are missing, he will be taking critical convertible parts.

BUT, does anyone else remember that super rough 1955 Century convertible that was featured in HEMMINGS CLASSIC CARS magazine about 2 years ago? That car was soooo bad, but the restorer-owner turned it into a beautiful car, probably a $70,000 Buick.

I ended up emailing the seller and saying that I don't want it crushed. He said in his conversation that he is coming on Thursday (06-04-2009) and if he does not have a deal in place for the sale of what is left, he is going to take even more stainless to sell on ebay. However, if someone had the $500, he would leave valuable trim like Pete noticed.

I said in my email that I would take it rather then see it crushed (not free but perhaps less then $500 if he strips it further) I know of at least 15 1956 Buicks I can buy as donor cars. I find it hard to believe that there aren't more convertible top frames and trim out there. This body was made from at least 1954 to 1956 in Cadillac and Buick iterations.

Also a top frame should be able to be fabricated - even if at good cost. Interior seats can be cut down from a regular model and reupholstered from good patterns.

If anyone remembers the Collectible Automobile cover story on the 1954 to 1956 Buicks - Mr. Earl I am sure you have that issue - it features this exact car as a Roadmaster on the cover - in Tahiti Coral and white with the wire wheels.

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Guest 40series

Sounds like your mind is made up. I wouls simply build a Carson top for it while you look for the top irons.

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