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old photos # 2

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It is a Tipo 501 FIAT, or very possibly the sporting 501S with the horizontal end to the rear mudguards. They were a beautifully and expensively built car about 1.5 litre displacement. About 1924 the model metamorphosed into the Tipo 503, which had 4 wheel brakes, a Rickardo turbulence combustion chamber cylinder head on the same sidevalve engine, and a different radiator more loosely copied from the Grecian architectural style than that of Rolls Royce.

One of the notable engineers whose signiture is on drawings of this era, (in particular the 3.4 litre 6 cylinder Tipo 510 which was a scaled-up version), was Vittorio Jano who moved to Alfa Romeo where he was responsible for the racing and road cars that Ralph Stein and Ken Purdy wrote about, and Bobb can undoubtedly tell you. TThen in the late 30's he moved back to Torino to be a senior member of the Lancia engineering team that produced the Aurelia and the sports and racing cars.

Ivan Saxton

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