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Reatta Interior Carpet


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I am just wondering where a good place to get interior carpet for my 1990 Reatta which has the Medium Slate Grey interior. Last I heard,apparently one went out of business but I am not 100%. Could somebody please clarify this for me and how much whoever charges for the carpet would be great. A ballpark figure would give me a good idea at what to expect.

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Go with either Ronnie's provided link, or ACC (Auto Custom Carpets, which supplies Car Motorsports, but sells direct as well) can provide carpet, but note the following caveats:

1. The carpet you'll receive is for all GM E-body cars (Rivi, Toronado, Eldorado), meaning that you will have to cut off the rear portion that would be the carpet for the rear seat floor pan. This isn't too hard to do, but you need to be very precise not to over cut and leave a gap where the storage bin overlaps it.

2. If you want to re-carpet the storage compartment/deck this is more difficult. You can order plain yardage of matching carpet with latex backing to cover the storage doors (you'll have to cut to shape/size) and the top and angled front surface of the deck, but you cannot get molded carpet to fit in the bins, it is not offered by anyone.

I ended up having Line-X (spray on truck bed liner) applied to the inside of the bins to give them a semi-finished look and just cut the carpeting around the inside edge of the "pockets". Doing the storage deck and doors probably took me almost as long to do as the main (molded) floor pan piece in order to get it right (meaning I thought it looked good, and I have impossibly high standards).

Be forewarned, this is a time consuming project. Plan on a whole weekend unless you are really good at pulling interiors out of a vehicle. Even then, the Reatta is complicated by the rear quarter interior trim and the sequence of dis/re-assembly. also a million screws to be removed to get everything out. Be very careful not to break any hard plastic trim pieces around the inner door jamb as these are easily cracked from over-flexing.

Also, you may choose to re-carpet the door panel inserts at this time to get a complete match. I did so (using latex backed yardage leftover from the storage deck) as my red carpet even on the doors was faded. Also redid my front and rear speaker grilles, which is a topic for another time.


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I installed new carpet some time ago purchased from

carmotorsports.com. I was pleased. Apparently they

no longer have the molded carpet for the rear deck

compartments but I would recommend that you contact

them to see what else they have available.

Here is an earlier link which is chuck full of information

on the interior carpet installation and resources.


Also contact ACC (Auto Custom Carpets) as KDirk suggests to see

what is available.

Also, today on EBay are two suppliers…..

1. “Carpet – requires alternation”

2. “2 door Sedan passenger carpet”

However, if you can get everything (except perhaps the molded

compartment carpet) from carmotorsports.com, please do as both

DAVES89 and I were pleased.

Finally, you might try the following link regarding molded

carpet. I emailed them some time ago about the molded

carpet for the Reatta back deck or compartments but they did not reply.


Please let us know what you have discovered and what you have

decided to do for those members who also are considering any

replacement. My installation took place over a two week period,

a little bit every day and taking my time and found that is was easier

than I had expected and certainly rewarding after it was finished.



89 White/Blue

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I did the Carmotorsport thing but when it came to the back deck I just got the deck in the color I wanted from Jim Finn and saved alot of grief. Jim had a deck in the tan that does not turn pink, it was in great condition and was very cheap.

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Guest Greg Ross

Would it not be possible to leave the existing formed carpet in the rear bins, definitely not going to be UV damaged/ faded. And install new flat deck carpeting coped/ trimmed so the seam is beneath the storage compartment cover edge?

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On the rear deck there was also the rear cupped curve that would require extra work. The Jim Finn deck and my latches was the ticket for me. The deck from Jim was cheap(I mean inexpensive) and the shipping was minimal- this coming from a frugal guy.

Now that I think about it my solution was probably alot less than ordering the extra carpet to do the deck.

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