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1957 Buick Question


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Fortunately, I already had this written for something else...

Roadmasters(70-series) and Supers (50-series) are on GM's larger C-Body, while Specials (40) & Century's (60) use the smaller B-Body, shared with Olds 88 & 98's. Bodies on the 50 & 70's are almost three inches wider, much longer and totally different than 40 & 60-series bodies. All glass on 50-70 cars interchanges with '57 Cadillacs, model for model (2-doors, 4-doors).

From the cars' intro, the rear window on RM's could be had with or without the chrome strips that run down from the roof. Two-doors Model 76R with, 76A without; four-doors, 73 with, 73A without. They are one-piece backlights (interchangeable with Caddy's) that are tri-sected with rubber gaskets and stainless steel trim inside and out. They are <span style="font-style: italic">not</span> three separate pieces of glass as in all B-Body Buicks and Olds series. A handful of RM 75's have been identified as having the trisected roof/backlight treatment, but have to be special orders. The 75's were intro'd in mid-March, 1957 (the same week as the Eldorado Brougham), as Buick's near-Cadillac-quality luxury entry.


Larger, click once after opening. Roadmaster 75 Riviera Sedan


Super-rare RM 75 with tri-sected rear window treatment.


Larger, RM Model 73 Riviera Sedan.


Larger From the <span style="font-style: italic">Buick Magazine</span> Spring Issue, Caballero, Special (both B-bodies),

with Super (A-body) in rear.

Hope this explains it,


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Interesting. I assumed it was three pieces. I always thought it was an attractive stylish touch and I always thought it was a feature of all Roadmasters.

TG, I guess the model 76 and 73 are pillarless hardtops. What is a 75, a 4-door post sedan?


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