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Wanted: Unmarked Brass Hubcap.

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I'm on the search for a brass hubcap with an octegon on top.

The ID of the cap is about 2-21/32 with (internal)24 threads per inch (very small threads). The hieght is 1.65" overall and .4 of that is the raised nut.. The nut would take a wrench of 1-11/16ths... or, if you just happen to have on new in the box labled 1907 Cartercar, that would be cool too.


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Thanks for the suggestion. Patrick posted this after I was about to leave the house for a friends place that has a lathe to see if there was one hiding in some rough castings that I picked up. He thought originals should be around and I should try the 'ask on the forum' route first. If not, we'll search inside the brass.


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Patrick has edited measurements listed above, so they match up now. It is 2 and 11/16" across guessing the pitch line and internal 24 threads per inch. Thanks to those responding and sorry for the size confusion, I believe this is for a Weston-Mott axle which may apply to many cars, Maybe Buick or Cadillac have the same, although this is for a Cartercar.

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