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Select Sixty?


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Well I know more about Select 60 since reading the Bugle this month. But I dont understand how the 1989 Select 60 cars are "unique". It said you have to look for a X22 code on parts list...or something like that in the spare tyre well.

OK, lets say you found the X22 code and the dealership didnt swap hood badges with the special Select 60 one.

Maybe I am missing something but beside a piece of paper attached to the car that says X22, what is different about this car because if that was missing the article says its not possible to indentify a Select 60? What about the VIN? Anyway, without the "60" badge seems to me its just another Reatta unless it was one of the 1990 models which were much different.

I suppose the significance is just to attempt to indentify them...do we know how many have been accounted for?

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Well, it will also be on the billing record and the manifest but few civilians ever see those. Except for when sold, appraised, or when seriously judged, does it really matter ? In those cases, the documentation is as important as the hardware present.

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The 1988 Select Sixty is just another Reatta, but with a story. As I think I said in the article, they did not have time to make the 1988 unique because the production line was making all the cars they could sell and they did not want to disrupt production with a "special".

The 1988 Select Sixty is more of a conversation piece than a rare collectable example of a Reatta. You are correct about the badge, it is the unique item, I wish we knew how many Select Sixty hood emblems were made but it was less than 100, probably only 70 at most.

The one pictured on page 20 was never on a car. Likely one shipped to the dealer and somehow found it was to a swap meet or given to a Buick collector by the dealer.

If you look at the database (www.reatta.net) the vins are in the 901000 area, the cars were probably all built in sequence. I would need to look but we have only "found" 8-10 so far. Just last week one was found in a Chicago area wrecking yard...the person that discovered the car salvaged the "Service Parts" label for history and sent me a copy.

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