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Chrysler K Car


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I suppose that the K car saved Chrysler, according to some historians, but OUCH, they are hard to love. I went to the above link, but I did not read anywhere in the printings about the K car's beauty.......

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Guest Bob Call

I don't find anything to love about the K cars. I had a 62 Dodge Lancer, and talk about devoid of attractiveness, but I loved the 225 slant 6. All Chrysler products of the 60 thru 63 or so vintage sucked when it came to styling.

My favorites are the V8 dreadnaughts of the 50's. First generation hemi's rule!

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I will have to admit that I bought my mother an Aries in 86. She kept it well maintained until my high school aged daughter took it over about ten years ago and drove it all the way thru college. It was still running well when I sold it three years ago. Havn't seen it since.

Interesting thing. I took it to an upholstry shop with 30 miles on it and had the cloth replaced with vinyl and a vinyl top installed. As mom is a sport she insisted on buckets and console. People always thought it was a special order car.

I guess it kinda was since it was made into a one only.

Paid $9000 for it in Jan 87, sold for $1000. Not to bad for almost 20 years.

Bob, I agree with you on the early Hemi stuff. I grin from ear to ear when I roll up in my 56 Imperial coupe.

I occasionally resurect non restorable hulks into usable rods and the early Hemi is the power of choice.

So let me rattle on about moms previous car, a 68 Dart. This car would pass for a GT with its black bucket seats and floor shifted 225, 2dr with its black vinyl hardtop and canary yellow paint. That car sold with 225,000 miles on it for the same money as it was purchased new. (If I remember correctly that was $2700). That car could get me almost 30 mpg on the freeway. The only reason she got rid of it was because it blew a hose and she had to be towed by AAA. (pissed her off)

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If you know anyone interested in a real original low mileage 86 Lebaron Convertible let me know. Dad passed away in 1998, wasn't driven much in the past 15 years. Has original black top looks like new, near mint burgundy interior, whire wheels, customized boot and other custom features. It's a turbo, will definitely need mechanical work but never beaten on, in the garage since the 1990's.

Contact richardt@prosourceglassintl.com or thru business at 978-975-5400. I would love to see this go to a home to be well preserved. Richard

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