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  1. We paid $250 years ago, just sitting here and will sell below cost. We are a glass wholesaler so geared for shipping US & Canada. Best to reach me direct at 877-345-2800 or info@prosourceglassintl.com Thanks, Richard
  2. yes DW333 stenciled on glass. technically 1954 but the NAGS shows in 53 so I figure they produced later 53 for the 54 model year.
  3. We have a new old stock PPG brand windshield that fits the 53-55 Dodge-Fargo Truck. This is the C-1 Series. It has some flaws, for more details call us 877-345-2800 or email:info@prosourceglassintl.com We can provide details of glass and shipping options. Richard Check out Ebay under prosourceglass for this offered on an auction.
  4. We have a new clear US made windshield that fits the 64-65 only Kadette Coupe, 2 Dr Sedan and Wagon models. The price is $125 ask for details/ shipping at 877-345-2800 ProSource Glass International email:info@prosourceglassintl.com Thanks Richard
  5. We have a new original US made clear windshield that fits the Studebaker Truck as well as all the 59-60 Lark models. It is made by LOF almost perfect may have a light scratch or slightly light streak on surface here or there- never installed. The price is just $299 + $25 crate fee + $140-185 range for truck freight. We have a lot of rare NOS windshields and back windows for antique, classic and just older cars and trucks. Call us toll free 877-345-2800 or email:info@prosourceglassintl.com
  6. We have 1 new factory light tint windshield that fits all the 1955-67 Clipper/ Model 400/ Patrician 2 Dr Hardtop & 4 Dr Sedan models. There is only 1 , we ship professionally crated and insured. There is a $25 crate fee + truck carrier freight. Inquire for specifics at info@prosourceglassintl.com or call us Toll Free 877-345-2800. Thanks, Richard
  7. This is a new reproduction clear windshield that fits the 51-52 Business Coupe as well as 200-400 Series 2 & 4 DR Sedan. It is priced right for a good quality reproduction. If shipped add $25 crate fee + truck carrier freight. Please inquire at Toll Free 877-345-2800 or email:info@prosourceglassintl.com Local pick up always accepted!
  8. We have dropped this in price since end of year and it is not on a windshield rack. We have so many vintage windshields and not enough space so it has been reduced to $650 which is only $150 more than a reproduction thinner glass not US made. If interested please contact us by email or Toll Free.
  9. We have this still and it is priced at $595 for a NOS windshield tint only 1 around. Email us if you can use. We never know if it is the last one we will ever find.
  10. We are still able to offer some limited pieces of new side glass and even a couple of back windows for the removable Hardtop. They are scattered between 4 or 5 warehouses in USA. The only thing not available are the porthole windows. Prices are still reasonable if anyone is contemplating replacing any scratched windows or for spares. We have been selling hard to find glass for models like this since the cars were new.
  11. We have a NOS factory tint Convertible windshield in stock at our facility in MA. For details please call us Toll free at 877 345 2800 or email me at info@prosourceglassintl.com We are geared for shipping safely. Richard
  12. In stock a new clear PPG manufactured windshield made in the USA probably in the 1950's. This fits the 1951-52 Series 200, 300, 400 2 & 4 Dr Sedan models. It is priced very reasonably for someone wanting to keep the car original. It is not perfect but on a scale of 1-10, 10 being best this is a 9 out of 10. It has 3 or 4 small rubs/ scratches on both sides. We can probably buff out all or most. It is not major. There is some slite delamination and a few ding marks- all on edges that will be covered when installed. It is $300 + $25 crate fee + truck freight if shipped. Truck freight ranges from $135-185 within the continental USA. We also have a new reproduction clear for $45. Pictures are of the PPG US made one.
  13. We recently acquired a rare new clear windshield that fits all 1958-60 Thunderbird models. This has the white carlite logo with oval. Our guess is this was made in the late 50's or ealy 60's. It has the bubble top which is pretty cool, making it even more rare than later PPG rand reproduction made in the 70's. It is an excellent condition. the part# is stamped on he edge of the glass. there is no delamination or chips despite being probably handled and stored over the years. The price is $900 + $25 crate fee + truck carrier freight if shipped. it can be picked up in the Boston area. This is a 1 of a kind! ProSource Glass International Andover MA 01810 Email:info@prosourceglassintl.co Toll free 877-345-2800 or 978-975-5400
  14. We have a NOS factory tint PPG windshield that fits the Chrysler and Desoto Convertible only models. It is pretty rare to find one, only the second new one in several years! This has no chips or any major scratches- just a few hairline scratches or marks but near perfect. Any delamination is very slite bar the edge. It still has part of the factory sticker when this was made back in the 50's. It's $875 + $25 crate fee + truck freight from MA unless picked up in the Boston area. Best way to reach us: info@prosourceglassintl.com or Toll free during the week at 877-345-2800. Thanks, Richard
  15. By the way i do have access to new door glasses and i think a couple of the back windows for the removable Hardtop from one of our glass distributors if anyone has a need.
  16. I did just take but a gentleman from FL emailed me direct already as requested. i don't go on all the Forums regularly.
  17. I have in my office 2 pieces of the TC Maserati Porthole glass. I got them for very little cost. While they appear to have been installed, they each have the factory stickers on the glass so not sure what the situation was. We acquired from a company that does not deal in this model. Both have the delamination spreading around the complete top pieces of both. I will sell them for $25 for both pieces just to get rid of for someone who would like spares. There is a $5 box/packing fee + UPS which should be minimal. Please email me at info@prosourceglassintl.com if you would like. Thanks,. Richard ProSouurce Glass International Andover, MA
  18. Our family has a 1986 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible that has never been previously sold. it is a 1 owner black with burgundy interior, black convertible top (original) with a customized full continental kit. The car has sat for many years having been driven on and off in the last decade. It always was garaged and seldom driven even in the rain. A couple of thousands dollars of work was just completed and it runs well. Too many things to list at he moment but you name it has been gone over. This was my father's car bought brand new at Grava Chrysler-Plymouth Medford MA in 1986 as a special order. The dealer ship is still there. The car was driven regularly until 1996. My father passed away in 1998 and it was driven between 1998-2002or 2003 on and off then sat for a number of years. In between put it on the road and did all the major things to keep it maintained. Pictures (newer ones) we can take soon. The car has just come back from the garage. I know the battery, plugs, tuneup and so on have all been done. A full list will be posted as son as I get from my Mother this week. With less than 40K I think on speedometer it has never been abused. The car has little wear or tear. The interior is very nice well maintained. It has the original convertible top and back window. We are looking for $7500 for one of the rarest of this model type that exists. It has the 4 cylinder turbo so efficient with gas and still has some pep. Best to reach me at richardt@prosourceglassintl.com or cell 978-790-4657. If I do not answer just leave a message and I will call back asap. Thanks RIchard
  19. We have a NOS clear back window that fits 1955-56 Dodge Coronet Club Coupe and 4 Dr Sedan as well as Custom Royale.This includes Model# D56, D62, D63. This is extremely rare to find new and US made from the 1950's. We are geared for shipping and can properly crate, For additional info contact us Toll Free US & Canada 877-345-2800 or email info@prosourceglassintl.com
  20. We have a NOS factory tint back window near perfect that fits the 55-57 Chevy & Pontiac models. To find a brand new tint back window made in the USA back in the 1950's is something you may never see, still in original package although the package is torn and not secure. We have this priced @ $415 about $100 more than a foreign reproduction. This glass is a must for any show car or complete restoration. Best way to contact us is 877-345-2800 Toll Free US & Canada or email info@prosourceglassintl.com Richard
  21. I just acquired a pair of the original TC porthole windows. They appear to be used with the sealant around the edges and yes they have the typical delaminating problem throughout. However they have the original factory stickers on each glass so not quite sure what the situation is. The OEM sticker 4778708. Anyone interested I can send some pictures and upload some pictures. They are probably good for a spare. Email me at info@prosourceglassintl.com. $100 pair delivered in the US? Richard
  22. This is a rare find. We recently acquired a pair of front factory tint door glasses that fit all the 1961-63 Lincoln models- 4 Dr Hardtop Model 57C, 4 Dr Sedan Model 53A and 4 Dr Convertible Model 74A. This is $250 for pair. These are curved so you cannot just cut out of laminated safety glass. These are the real tempered door glasses so now is a perfect time to replace scratched and hazy door glasses! Best way to reach us is at info@prosourceglassintl.com or Toll Free 877-345-2800 Check out our Ebay auctions under prosourceglass
  23. Our family has been in the automotive glass business since 1953. Cerium Oxide is one of the best to use but takes a lot of time and patience. We have a guy we contract with that can polish out some pretty deep scratches that you can feel but as you know takes a lot of time and a lot of movement to keep from distorting or possibly cracking the windshield. By the way we have a NOS left rear clear quarter glass for the 71-73 Riviera. I may have access to some new factory tint door glasses but expensive if we can still get. Anyone interested drop me an email at info@prosourceglassintl.com When it comes to the windshields for these cars they are fairly inexpensive new so not worth bothering to buff scratches for the front glass. Aftermarket windshields we can sell @ $155 and available at several of our distributors through out the US without freight just picked up. \ Richard
  24. This is a very rare new back window still in its original package. The clear back window manufactured by LOF back when car was new fits: Buick Riviera/ Century Special 60 2 Dr & 4 Dr Hardtop and 2 & 4 Dr Sedan. Also fits Special 43, Century 63 The Roadmaster will NOT fit. This also fits the Olds 88/98, feel free to inquire direct at info@prosourceglassintl.com for further details. This ships from MA properly crated and insured. We have lots of similar windows.
  25. We have just the passenger side Reatta vent glass framed (no mirror) We paid $250 for this years ago and would like to sell @ $150 + UPS. It is very good any marks or scratches are small very light. We are geared for shipping glass worldwide. We do have access to some NOS back windows feel free to inquire. There are a few options and they are priced reasonably. We specialize in classic car glass probably longer than anyone on the forum- 7 decades. Fastest response by email richardt@prosourceglassintl.com or Toll Free 877-345-2800. Thanks Richard
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