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36 dictator coupe door removal


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Im wondering if anyone here has ever removed doors off of a 1936 . If so did you remove the hinge screws ? Im a little concerned that I might not be able to replace them if I damage them . Or did you remove the door pins instead ? If so is there replacement pins? I have heard that if I install a hinge mounted mirror Ill need a longer pin anyways . Where does one get these pins ?

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I removed the doors from my 37 which I assume is the same. I used penetrating fluid (50/50 mix of ATF and acetone), heat from a propane torch and an impact driver. I removed the hinge from the body. Several screws came out easily while most took a lot of patience - wiggling them back and forth and applying more lubricant. I haven't tried to remove the hinge from the door and if I can avoid it, will not. I believe there are replacement pins available. A knowledgeable friend told me that I will need to use some oversize pins in my hinges. I just assumed he knows where to get them.

Overall, if you can accomplish what you want by just removing the pins I think that would be the best way to go. I'm sure pins could be made if they can't be found. If the pin is not turning when the door is opened and closed it may not need to be replaced.

Isn't working on these old Studes a blast- always a new mystery to solve.

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I don't know. I read a comparison on Bob Johnstones Studebaker and Avanti website IIRC. It compared 5 penetrating fluids for effectiveness and cost. WD-40 was the least effective while the 50/50 mix of ATF and acetone was the most effective and the least expensive, so I tried it.

Here is the information:

"The April/May 2007 edition of Machinist's Workshop did a test of

penetrating oils where they measured the force required to loosen

rusty test devices. Buy the issue if you want to see how they did

the test. The results reported were interesting. The lower the

number of pounds the better.

Penetrating oil . Average load .. Price per fluid ounce

None ................. 516 pounds .

WD-40 .............. 238 pounds .. $0.25

PB Blaster ......... 214 pounds .. $0.35

Liquid Wrench ... 127 pounds .. $0.21

Kano Kroil ........ 106 pounds .. $0.75

ATF-Acetone mix.. 53 pounds .. $0.10

The ATF-Acetone mix was a 50/50 mix (1 to 1 ratio)."

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I have a beautiful pair of 37 Studebaker Fender Lights

They are reproductions but you can't tell them from NOS

I would like to trade these for other things I need.

Such as The large 37 Pesident wheel covers,

Center over rider - bumper guard,

clock for 37 President, Side mount spare cover

the face cover not the outside ring.

If you need a pair of fender lights and have

any of these things to trade email studeblu@triconet.org

or call Jerry at (520) 979-0065 or (520) 616-0434

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