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  1. How do I get the rest of the lock apart (besides the cylinder ) .iT IS FROZEN ALSO
  2. If I drill a hole at those measurements ... will I be able to get the lock cylinder out without a key ? How does the hole later on get filled ?
  3. How do I locate the hole ? I do not see one ?
  4. I have a 1936 studebaker Trunk lock handle that I have no key for . Its siezed up . I had a locksmith look at it he soaked it for a while with no luck . I have a new NOS lock w key that can be installed Is there anyone out there that repairs these ?
  5. I have 2 tailight housing with lenses that are diffucult to come out . There is a spring metal ring that holds them in on the inside. The outside lense at the top says press here for removal. I preesed it in where it says and it seems that if I press any harder they will break. Has anyone ever gotten lenses out on a 36 dictator or president ?
  6. 36stude

    36 dictator coupe door removal

    I think my craftsman Impact only goes 1 way. Correct me if Im wrong
  7. 36stude

    36 dictator coupe door removal

    Your mix of ATF and acetone . Is that as good as PB blaster or other penetrants ? Thanks
  8. Im wondering if anyone here has ever removed doors off of a 1936 . If so did you remove the hinge screws ? Im a little concerned that I might not be able to replace them if I damage them . Or did you remove the door pins instead ? If so is there replacement pins? I have heard that if I install a hinge mounted mirror Ill need a longer pin anyways . Where does one get these pins ?
  9. 36stude

    Rear hinged window from what car

    Im not sure why my downloads never come up on this site
  10. Does anyone know what year make and model this window is out of
  11. Does anyone know the people who are making door sill plates by hand ?I have 2 of them to use as copies . I know there is someone out there that does this . Also Im wondering if 36 and 37 tail light lenses are the same
  12. 36stude

    What is this window from

    Im wondering if anyone know what car this window is from
  13. I need the hood SIDE stainless grille for 1 side only . My email is emberridge@yahoo.com or call me at 414-744-1255
  14. 36stude

    Parting 38 Commander & 37 Dictator

    Is the dictator a coupe? I need the back window garnish moldings .. Email me emberridge@yahoo.com
  15. 36stude

    need 1936 dictator trunk handle

    Don my email is not going thru to you either . Would you please try mine again . I have corrected it ....its emberridge@yahoo.com