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1939 Dodge D11 Luxury Liner for sale/parts


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I recently acquired a 39 dodge d11. Its been sitting in a barn since 62 and ran when parked with approx 45k miles. I planned on restoring the car, but do not have the time right now. Car is located in Michigan and needs a complete restoration. I have taken out the seats and cleaned the interior as mice got ahold of the seats. If interested, i can email pictures.

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Guest Dodge Deluxe

I would not be able to take the entire car, as I am in central NY, but if you are interested in selling off parts let me know, I'd be interested in some parts for mine.


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Hi treorp55

thanks for the fast reply smile.gif

I am located in merced california.

If you dont want to ship parts i can pic,em up.

I try to help my brother that recently bought a D11 1939 4 door sedan all restaured but somebody jam up the car in a parking lot broke all windows tail lights and stole the hood

if you have the parts how much do you ask for them cash and ccan you ship them or do you want me to come to you.i can also take off the parts my self if you want me too.

do you have a picture of the hood and the tail i would apreciate this. cause i have to ship the parts to europe

the very best regards from Klaus Spandet CA

Phone 2099470122

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Guest RCFlyer13

I'm in need of a drivers door lower hinge, a left rear quarter window frame (don't care about the condition of the glass), the drivers and passenger side front floor trim plates (hold the carpet in place along the door opening), and a passenger side exterior cowl trim - it's about a 4" piece of formed stainless.

I'm also looking for a drivers side tail light bucket if you still have one.

I've actually got a good radiator, a repairable fuel tank and several other misc parts includng a working heater if anyone else out there needs them.



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Guest Dafonse


Got any decent door and trunk handles?

How about the metal window trimming for the windshield?

gas cap?

back lights lenses and/or bezels or buckets?

Rear bumper brackets?

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Guest RCFlyer13

Sorry, I don't have any of those pieces. Most of what I have is mechanical parts - I'll get a full posting and list out after the holidays.

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