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  1. What parts are still available for D11? Thanks, Andrei
  2. Ok, I will consider this for the future if no other options on the table. Keeping in contact, thank you
  3. A pair of L + R rear fenders (in good condition) for 1939 Plymouth are wanted. Delivery to Des Plaines, IL. Thanks for any hint.
  4. I need a pair of straight front fenders L and R side for 1939 Dodge. I am located in Des Plaines, IL. Kindly appreciate any help.
  5. Dear Paul, is this fender still on sale? Thank you
  6. Wellcome back Claudiu! I saw one of your older posts regarding the 39' Plymouth, please be so kind to call me on 0765507437, I believe that we may find a way to share needed spareparts and transportation cost on that car. Thank you, Andrei
  7. For rubberparts weatherstrips & vintage tires : 1937 P3 P4 (AFTER ENG NO. 24949) Atlas Obsolete Chrysler Parts items - Get great deals on items on eBay Stores! Metro Moulded Parts Inc. Automotive Weatherstrip and Rubber Parts Coker Tire - Your Source for Antique Tires and Wheels Home page