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My Grandpa's 1954 Commission Statement from Ford


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Very interesting. 14 units and $700.00 income. Appears he made a good living selling Fords. Annual income in 1954 was about $4000.00, so he was about double that, based on this specific month.

I've been in the car business for 34 years, so this is very interesting to me. I don't recall ever seeing an old commission statement like this before. I'm going to share this with the sales staff at my dealership.

Thanks for posting this item.


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Well, let me know your fax # and I can send you a better copy so, you will have a good hardcopy. And this statement was for the last half of the month. He went to sell Chevies the next year and went to selling between 300-600 units a month for many years and was the top chevy salesman in the country.

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If you are talking about what I said before about how he sold 600 units a month, in 1954 he did not sell that many at Ford, but, at Chevy he did. There was a time when you could sell that much if you were talented enough. When he had fleet, personal, etc. it was around 600, here some of his accounts who would come to him every month:

Avis (not just 1 location but, the main office in CA)

Hertz (same as avis)

Stardust Hotel

The Hilton

City of Covina (which would buy new trucks every year or so from him, around 100 or so, I have the article)

He had 2 car carriers for his office, not the dealership, but, his office alone. He was in the 100 car club every month and then later on he fell into the highest bracket which was the 300+ car club and in 1978 he recieved a massive plaque from GM. In addition he had all of the personal accts., local business' , etc. So, he sold like I said anywhere between 300-600 a month. My dad and my grandpa's secretary worked 8 hour days and they could not keep up with writing the registrations! (before computer)

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My sales dept and manager really enjoyed seeing these commission statements. They were impressed with the income earned, as well as the number of deals sold. With emphasis on a few of the lower commissions, I told them I did NOT want to any more complaining about our "mini" deals. They got a good laugh out of that.

I am the Generaal Manager and Comptroller of a Volvo dealership. I've been there 19+ years. This is a very unique combination of duties. My background is automotive accounting, but about 17 years ago, we had an opening for the GM position, and I was given the opportunity to handle both responsibilites. It has worked out great, as I truly enjoy all aspects of the auto business, even though it has been a real struggle lately with the current business climate.

Thanks again for sharing this interesting piece of history.


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