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I was working at Advance Auto for a while and they were the most requested by customers both over the counter and through the QPA program for commercial accounts, and they were the best shock for the price. Koni list an application but they require an adapter to work with the Riv, and they were that much more expensive. The "other application chart" for the Konis has quite a number of different applications from Avanti to Volvo. (Almost A to Z)

I cross referenced the Monroes and they only applied to Buicks from the era. I figured that had to account for something, at least it wasn't some Dodge truck shock that was similar in length that Monroe could substitute and pick up another application for a generic shock.

As you stated, I too wasn't looking for a performance shock just something to give the car a nice ride. At the same time, I replaced as many other bushings as I could find parts numbers for. I'm sure that this as well did a lot for the increased ride comfort.

Another reason was that it carried the manufacturer's name rather than the distributor's name. You can never tell what you get when you buy the "private label" stuff.


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thanks for that info. i have a mate who may be coming from Long Beach in a week and a half - I'll attempt to get em sent to him if it all goes to plan.

the rear passenger shock is pretty rattly so whilst it's not ideal, it's hopefully still driveable until i get them

i have written to a bunch of parts suppliers here to see if anyone has em.

we'll see...... I don't really wanna unbolt the existing shocks and take to locals for a *near* match if I can get your recommended shocks somehow

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You might look into this option before spending that kind of money. I looked in an old "Index of Articles" for the Riview and found a reference for shocks that might be easier to find. I've not tried these so I don't know how exact of a fit they are, but on the other hand, I don't recall anyone saying that they didn't fit.

This is from Riview Volume 5, Number 2, Jan/Feb 1989

"Shocking Solution." ..... Front - Monroematic Plus for 1970-1988 Dodge Van, and 1972 - 1988 Dodge pickup

Rear - Monroematic Plus for Chevrolet C-10 Pickup, 1980 - up.

Remember, this was published in 1989 so the shock was probably good for that year's vehicle. No telling how long that shock was used on C-10's. There may be Sensatracs or even other brands that would have shocks for this common of an application on hand.

If you have a good parts jobber you can work with, he can "look in the books" and tell you all of the dimensions, diameter, mounts, compressed length, extended length, etc. for these shocks and you can compare them to others.

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