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1964 Wildcat 4 speed...rare??


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I can't tell you about 1964's but there was a parked 1963 Wildcat CONVERTIBLE with a factory 4-speed on Saginaw Street during the Sunday parade.....1 of 20 made I was told.....owned by Ken Ferguson of Grand Blanc, Michigan. He was listed in the 2008 Nat's Registration also.

Al Mack

"500 Miles West of Flint" (as a Skylark flies)

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Some more info-- in 63 and 64 there were 2 4 speed trannys avail. One with console one without. It does not say anything if its a Hurst but the illustration I have shows a flat shift lever much like Hurst of that era. How many took advantage of this option, I don't know. Just think a 64 with the dual carbs on a 425, I'll bet that would lay rubber for blocks especially with bias ply tires.

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No I have never heard of a factory effort toward racing - from Buick - the early 60's and there were no aluminum blocks, and doubt heads made. Matt?

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Raptor, Buick did not make any factory drag cars in 64 at all. In fact, 1963 was the last year for factory produced drag-package cars (like the Z-11 Impalas and Super-Duty Catalinas) with lightweight drag racing only parts and special engines. As far as I know, no Wildcat had a factory aluminum motor or heads, they were all cast iron 401s or 425s. What size motor is in the one you found. Is it coral colored by chance?


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But we do know that, starting in January 1963, a rare high performance option package (code W1) could be ordered which included the 425 High performance engine, standard transmission, and posi-traction rear end. Although not a factory drag racer as we define them, it is a rare factory setup.

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Guest DaveCorbin

Dear BRH:

I don't know about laying rubber with one, but I put the old size 13 D to our 63 WC convertible 425 4-speed at 10 MPH in second gear, with my watch where I could see could see the second hand ticking. Less than 7 ticks to 70, all in second gear and not out of revs yet.

There were about 30 4-speeds and 32 425's in 1963, and they only overlap if you ordered it that way, probably 10 cars or less. It looks like so far our convertible is the only one that's both AND a convertible.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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Thanks for the info--shes a wonderful car. Just thinking out loud but the phrase "yep thats how they built em" popped in my head. Back in the days of young and stupid a buddy of mine had a 64 cat. He'd punch it at a dead stop, several feet later the tires would quit spinning. We also had to roll the windows down as the car would fill with smoke.

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The 64 Buick Daily Production Report for the WIldcat-

56 4-door/4-speeds

354 Coupe/4-speeds

199 Convertible 4-speeds

according to Buick Daily Production Reports.

94 dual quad 4-doors,

366 dual quad coupes

178 dual quad convertibles

114 dual quad 4-speed coupes

53 dual quad 4-speed convertibles

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