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Tc died on the highway

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let's start a new thread this way.

I live in timbuktu or whereever. (there may be some turbo-mopar fanatics nearby.)

Car is 89 8 valve automatic.

Fault codes are......

Here are some reference sites for you to go digging.


the following section may be of particular interest with the code 11.


Also check the following site.


Post in the help section as I described above.

russ Knize aka Minimopar is on there along with some of the members here.

hemi also put together a simple fact on this other site for no starts.


You apparently have one of the problems that require more digging than usual.

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Addendum I had problems with the J2 Z1 wires. They had spade connectors that corroded on another mopar I have. The trouble spot if that is the problem is UNDER the smec and to the LEFT of the battery. If checks show a problem with them pull the battery and the smec. Open the wiring stuffed down under where the smec was. There is plenty of extra wire on the two connectors to crimp new connectors on.

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If you feel like typing, recap the symptoms before it happened and EVERYTHING you have tried/inspected. I'll give it another read and a better than averidge guess... DO you have another SMEC module yo can try? I may have a spare or three, whatcha got for trade wink.gif


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I'm reading along this thread and am wondering if this problem could be intermittent. My TC has had a couple of long cranks in the last two months as well as two stalls while driving (one time at highway speed and it restarted itself). To answer the question up front, I haven't looked for any stored fault codes...

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