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  1. Well its still not running. Ive done everything and I think the only thing left is the ecu.
  2. Yes, I havent gotten a chance to go out and check the distributer timeing yet.
  3. Problem is I dont have any money to get a tech involved. I cant seem to find a break in the wire it goes into the main loom then comes out on the driver side next to the battery and ecm. Ive replaced the coil twice so I dont think thats it. Do I just need to yank the distributor to check the gear?
  4. Have you seen the ecm cause this before on these cars?
  5. Becuase Ive already gone through everything. I was a marine mechanic until about a year ago. Thanks for the helpful post.
  6. HEP seems to be all in intact. I found where the postive wire for the coil ends and I believe its at the ecm next to the battery? I put a multimeter on that and when the motor is cranking it makes about .30 volts intermitenly so its like it trying but not makeing the voltage it needs. Do you think the ecm is bad?
  7. I will go out and inspect the HEP again. Yes I replaced the coil twice now. Which cylinder is #1? all the way to the left?
  8. Is there a crank position sensor that comes into play here?
  9. I tried jumpering the coil and no go. And yes the battery was disconnected and run dead acouple times.
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