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  1. Haven't had much time for it, but since I last posted, I finished the interior and took it out around the city last week for some pictures, although I still don't have the plates sorted out. Speakers and upholstery Fatmat on floors and doors Door sills fabricated and installed Exterior ("Dauphine" fabricated from beer cans)
  2. When the manual says SAE 90, I would not go past that viscosity. An 80W-90 is the low half of the 90 spec, and 85W-90 is the high end of the 90 category. Both are single grade 90 oils, with defined cold viscosities. Some people go higher to compensate for gear wear, and end up with more wear on the closer parts. You can look up spec sheets on line and graph the oils you are considering with this handy tool (by default, it starts with some typical motor oils): Widman Graphing tool
  3. Getting closer. Had a problem with the fuel pump I bought, so decided to buy one in the US while on vacation in December. It runs while I could keep fuel getting to the carb, but not enough to drive it. I did get to polish it, put on the mirrors, and other small things. Now getting ready to go back, hoping to drive it to my upholsterer
  4. A little more done on the last trip. Hope to get it running at the end of this month. Turning to the electrical, the wiper arm pivots were stuck, so had to be taken apart and cleaned, lubed, etc. For the wiring I ripped out everything and started over with an assortment of wires and terminals from my local electrical supply store and a nice panel from Racers Inc that included the relays, fuses, and about everything in one place. With the wires run I installed the radiator and it's side panels that divide the engine from the firewall, discovering a couple of small cracks in one of the supports, so a little welding was in order, then the install with the new spout that I had to correct rom manufacturing defects. Then I remembered I had done nothing with my gas tank, so cut the bottom part off and fabbed a new bottom out of an old fender from the body shop, cleaning everything up with phosphoric acid and sealing it inside with epoxy. I'd like to say it is running, but I found that my supposedly rebuilt starter was not rebuilt, so it is being rebuilt. I leave you with some pics of the engine compartment before and after.
  5. Just to add a few things I've done to fine tune it, starting by adding a temperature sender to the transmission case to see the engine/trans oil temp. And Dynamat Hoodliner to the hood/bonnet to absorb the engine noises. With foil tape on the edges. And after replacing the flexible exhaust coupling, I cut the downward exhaust tubes to raise the exhaust a few inches, and added an aluminum skid plate [img} Then added a fuel pressure regulator to trop the pressure from 3 bars to 1.[/img} and made a marine vinyl cover for the bed
  6. It has been a while since I reported any progress, and for a while there was very little as I worked on the Mini and my body guy had too much business (or needed a break from this). Anyway, while the car was in the body shop for 47 months, I did get a little done, fabricating the scripts for the body, freeing up the speedometer, polishing details, straightening the trim, etc. I finally got my body guy started again in June, and he basically finished it by mid September, so I have it back at my Tarija garage where in the moments I get I am finishing it up. I've almost finished the brakes (was missing a couple of washers), and have started on the wiring. I've installed the repaired and re-chromed bumpers and hinges, and front and rear lights, lined the inside with Fatmat, sprayed the underside with rust-proofing and a latex undercoating, polished and installed the dash trim pieces and polished the new (used) side vents. I also patched and painted the used steering wheel I had gotten from Argentina and sanded/polished the control assembly for the steering column. And I repaired the rusted windshield wiper pivots, welded the radiator support, and painted various parts that had escaped. I also got more parts from Argentina and located (and received) the exterior emblems from Germany. Someone wanted an arm and a leg for the little covers for the bumper joints, so I clipped and sanded a pice of stainless to make my own. I also received my tires from the USA. Actually made in Taiwan, but a size that is not available here. I'll be going back to Tarija next week, and Carnaval and business permitting, will see how much more I can do. When I finish the wiring and upholstery I'll take it back to the body shop for polishing and installing the exterior trim that I got from Argentina. Here are a few pictures. At the moment it is resting next to the Mini until I return.
  7. Thanks for the nice comments. It is really fun to run around in.
  8. Actually there is quite a bit of head room, several inches over my head. A little tight on leg room, but that might be the bigger seats I put in.
  9. Thought I'd add a link to a summary of some before and after shots. Before and After And some shots out on the road
  10. The day has come. 99% finished...... Just have to go back to work for a week before my Christmas trip to DC. After touch-ups at the body shop and a wheel alignment I got to drive it home last night in the rain after the hail.
  11. I still had problems with the transmission after installing the clutch pack, so the engine and sub-frame come out again, making a total of three installs. At least I have it down to 70 minutes for two people to pull the radiator, starter, filter, wires, exhaust, fuel, brake lines, steering, etc. and get the complete unit out through the bottom. Aside from some dry o-rings, which were probably causing the low oil pressure. I was missing the tube that feeds the converter. I also adjusted the bands while I had it apart, so with that fixed, I replaced everything and finished the wiring, set the timing, etc. Runs nicely in and out of the garage, but need to put stronger spring on the brake and accelerator returns to drive safely. Also need to move the muffler to a place where it does not scrape my driveway. Filled it with 10W-40 Motorcycle JASO MA2 oil to help the AT discs. Dash and new switches are now installed and wired. Haven't found a practical solution to adding the oil temp gauge, so I'll get something else for that hole. It was easy to put a T for the oil pressure gauge. And of course the Tach is just some wires.
  12. Then converted the rubber cones to springs And upholstered the roof with foam backed material over the fatmat that I had applied I also added an LED third brake light
  13. Time to update a bit. I got the module from the UK, figured out the wiring, and found the computer was defective, so I found a technian who replaced a diode and the engine runs nicely. But when I put it in gear it spit oil out of the filter housing without moving the wheels, so after widening the gasket area, using a bigger gasket, etc., I pulled the power pack to check the valve block and valves, as I was told that was probably the fault. But the valves were find, so I started with the rest of the transmission and found the discs were bent and the pressure plate broken. I located a fabricator of the automatic transmission parts in the UK (Martin Altira of KM Precision Engineering) and ordered the parts. Meanwhile I made some more modifications to the chasis to fit this transmission better, and repainted it.
  14. My one experience with older Renaults was in 69, when I couldn't convince the owner to sell me one that would have looked like this 1925 Limo. It was sitting in her garden with a piece of tin on top, 7000 km on the dial. Once upon a time it was the Presidential limousine. I remember the silver window frames that were signed by the craftsmen. When I move back I tried hard to find it, but the city had grown up around that zone, the woman had died. I learned a lot about the history of the missing car, but never learned what happened to it.